Best Free Web Apps For Writers

Writers have always been looking for ways to write faster, more efficiently or easily. First, it was the paper, then the pens, typewriters, first computers and now we have so many things to choose from. Some writers still use old tools like notebooks or typewriters, some stay in the happy middle with just using their laptop and a word processor but some have completely embraced new technologies and started using them for their own benefit.

Along with writing on a desktop device we now have the option of writing on our mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. But not only that, we also have a ton of useful software solutions that can handle any problem writers had in the past.

Here are some of the best Web apps that a writer can use.

Google Docs

Over the years there have been many word processors made available online either for free or as a paid version. Some of them were good, some of them less so, but Google Docs has made a significant improvement over the past few years. There are so many familiar options that you can use to format your text but there are also many more that differentiate this web app from all of its competitors.

You can edit your document with your coworkers simultaneously, sharing is made incredibly easy with their link share and so on. You can save the document in many different formats and the editing is made easy with the spell check and various other tools that you can add into your Docs account.

While there are many other web apps out there that work just as well, this one is completely free and reliable – it`s Google after all.


Grammarly is an excellent tool which comes in both free and paid. With a free version, you get a full edit – it fixes your grammar and spelling mistakes as well as some of your style mistakes. With a paid version comes even more in-depth style edit together with a plagiarism tool which checks all of your writing for plagiarism.

But, for an average writer, the free version will be the most available one. You should definitely use it for all of your writing. All you have to do is an import of type in your text and the software will quickly deduct any mistakes and help you remove them. However, do not fret, you’ll be able to approve each change as they happen.


For organization and saving various images, sites, and other media, this is the best app of all. It can help you with everything from organizing and keeping to your schedule of saving documents and so on. The best part about it is that you can also use it as an app on your phone.


Coffitivity is a great app from the same people who made Scrivener. It plays the sounds of a coffee shop during different times of day – for instance, morning, lunchtime, evening and so on. They have recently included many more sounds so you can enjoy different environments while writing.


Web apps are definitely the future of writing. You can use them for various purposes and make your writing better and more efficient.