Brand For Your Freelance Writing Business

Any successful freelance writer will tell you that being a freelancer requires a lot of marketing, promotion, and effort. After all, you are selling your services, your expertise – you need to do your best to reach people with it.

However, what most freelance writers don’t realize is that they also have to build a brand around their writing. This means a lot of things but mainly figuring out what kind of writer you want to be and sticking to it.

This can lead you to success because you’ll be instantly recognizable across channels to your current and potential clients.

Here are some tips on building a successful freelance writing business brand.

Find your voice

The first thing you need to do as a writer is finding your unique voice. Every writer has a different style in the words they use, how they use those words and so on. You will probably be unable to really tell what your style is but you should stick to your voice in all writing. While some clients may ask you to write in a friendly or formal way, you should still maintain the steadiness of your general voice.

The clients will hire you because of that tone and they will expect to see it in their copy or content. Hone your voice because that is the only thing making you different in the world where there are millions of writers.

Find your niche

Just like finding your voice, figuring out what your niche is important as well. Every person has a niche that they prefer. For example, some might like medical writing and some might like financial writing. There are so many different niches in the world where you could be a successful writer.

Explore them and pick one or two to stick with. However, if you like multiple niches, you can still write in all of them.

While experts recommend writing for just one or two niches because the pay is much higher with such a narrow market, you can still make a decent income with serving all of the niches. The most important part is to find a niche that you love – because you will spend a lot of time working in it and you don’t want to hate it – but make sure that it can pay off.

Build a portfolio

Once you figure out your niche and your voice, it’s time to build a portfolio. This step might be a bit difficult, especially if you have no experience.

Writing just for yourself and displaying it in your portfolio doesn’t carry any weight because the content didn’t have to pass any criteria. This is why you might want to consider pitching to guest posting sites or even clients if you are willing to charge way less, just to get a bit of experience. You could also work on UpWork on moderately paid jobs and get some content and reviews under your belt.


Building a brand as a freelance writer isn’t easy but it pays off later when you start working with big names. Hopefully, these tips will help.